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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL RER Consulting today unveiled the rebranding of its standout COVID Mental Health and Wellness Program (CMHWP) as Amplify Community Wellness. This dynamic shift showcases RER’s deep commitment to the mental health of Miami-Dade County residents and strengthens ties with its nonprofit, Amplify Community Resources (ACR).

RER’s program stood as a steadfast pillar of support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed to help residents tackle the sweeping challenges of the pandemic, the program made significant strides by exceeding its Miami-Dade County goals by 103%.

Amplify Community Wellness, building on this success, emerges as an evidence-informed mental health leader. Established in 2020, it targets the diverse 2.8 million residents of Miami-Dade County, especially emphasizing the needs of marginalized or hard-to-reach communities. The program champions a multi-generational, proactive, and people-focused approach.

Recognizing the unique cultural and linguistic makeup of the community, the program emphasizes wellness education tailored to reflect these diversities. Through workshops, panel discussions, and various tools, it empowers residents to forge their wellness journeys.

“Our shift to ‘Amplify Community Wellness’ not only solidifies our mission to uplift our community’s mental well-being but also amplifies our collaboration with Amplify Community Resources,” affirmed RER Consulting & ACR CEO, Ruban Roberts.


About Amplified Community Resources:

Amplified Community Resources is a community-serving nonprofit organization that creates opportunities to transform lives and build stronger communities. Through innovative programming, Amplified Community Resources aims to empower individuals and families to reach their full potential and thrive.

About RER Consulting:

RER Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in providing expert advice and guidance to organizations in mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion. RER Consulting works with clients to develop strategies and initiatives that promote positive change and enhance the well-being of individuals and communities.

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For assistance or questions related to mental health, substance use and other community services contact the Care Coordination Team to get the help you need. Your personal information will remain confidential.

If you or a loved one is in immediate danger, call 911; however, it is important to notify the operator that it is a psychiatric emergency and ask for the assistance of someone trained in crisis intervention or trained to assist people experiencing a psychiatric emergency.


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